Current Horses

Show Name: Zeb (Sire:Negro/ Dam: Rothchild mare)      Stable Name: Zeb     Y.O.B: 2006

I fell in love with Zeb the moment I met him as a strong looking 6 month old foal at Carl’s yard.

Training him has never been a straight forward project especially as I’ve done everything myself but with great challenges comes great rewards, his talent and intelligence has taken him from a difficult novice horse to a matured PSG campaigner.

I’m very proud of him and looking forward to what the future may hold.

You can follow his progress on my facebook page Nicky Southall Equestrian

Show Name: Sanguine Hit (Sire: Samarant (Sandro Hit)/ Dam: Flyaways Alys (Atlantis)

Stable Name: Sonny      Y.O.B: 2009

Sonny is my very own home breed boy. He is out of my fabulous competition mare Lizzie, he should of been black or bay but came out the brightest shade of chestnut you’ve ever seen.

He lives up to the chestnut reputation by having the most flamboyant attitude to life. Due to his exuberance and flair he has been given time to mature and develop slowly. He is now training well at Advanced Medium level and showing great potential to move on further.

He has qualified for the Winter regionals at Medium level and we are looking forward to the 2021 season.

You can follow his progress on my facebook page Nicky Southall Equestrian

Show Name: Skelwith Lou Lou   Stable Name: Louolou     Y.O.B:

Loulou is a very talented beautiful mare who is owned by Cheryl Reynolds. She has a lovely trainable attitude to her work and is showing great potential for the future.

She has qualified for the Winter regionals.

You can follow his progress on my facebook page Nicky Southall Equestrian

Support Crew

Having a fabulous support network makes working and competing horses much easier. I am very lucky that I have some amazing people in my life supporting me along the way and without them this journey would be a hell of a lot harder.

Tracey Parsons – Longtime Friend and Supporter

 Tracey is an accomplished horsewoman herself but has now retired from the saddle. She travels with me to training sessions and most competitions and is a fabulous help and support.

Tanish Mayo – Competition Groom

Tanisha is currently taking the showing world by storm and when she’s not on a horse or grooming for me she is behind a camera taking amazing shots. She is a very talented equine photographer visit her Tanisha Mayo Photography

Mark Southall – Long suffering husband and my rock!

Without Mark none of this would be as much fun.

Co-Drivers, Support Crew and Stress Busters – Dodger and Wilf